Multicultural Greek Council

Hi everyone! My name is Diana Alonso (she/her), and I am this year's Executive Vice President and VP of Standards for the Multicultural Greek Council.

I was born in Mexico and brought to the US when I was two years old for a chance to a better future. Today, here I am, a proud undocumented, first generation college student, majoring in Digital Technology and Culture and minoring in Comparative Ethnic Studies. I am thrilled to soon be able to become the first in my family to graduate with a college degree and accomplish what my parents and grandparents once hoped I would do. My goal in life is to become a role model to my younger siblings and be able to help my family and grandparents financially.

While working to accomplish my goals, something I enjoy doing to connect with my homeland and back home, is to cook Mexican dishes taught to me by my mother, listen to Spanish music, and watch Spanish-language TV Shows! I also love to spend quality time with my friends, while watching the sunrise, sunset, and the stars at night.