Multicultural Greek Council

Hey, y’all!! My name is Alberto Quiroz Guzman, but my friends call me Beto! My pronouns are He/Him/His and I am the current VP of Member Development of MGC! I am a Junior majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. I was born in Salem, Oregon, but have lived in Washington all my life. At the start of 2021, my main goal was to focus on my mental health and thankfully I did! I started going to therapy, for the first time, through Cougar Health Services and I had an amazing time seeing my mental health improve weekly. Now, my new goal, while sticking with my old one, is to improve my physical health. I enjoy going to the gym, playing soccer, and going on walks with my mom during the sunset. Our favorite place to go is Des Moines Creek Trail Park.

As a first-generation college student, I want to set an example for my little brother and younger cousins. My college career has been a tough and long one and the last two years were by far my hardest I have ever faced. However, I am glad I persevered through, and I am thankful for every new sunrise and sunset I experience. I look forward to continuing improving my lifestyle, making new friends, and being your VP of Member Development for MGC! A famous quote that has helped me out these last few months and that I will continue to live by for the rest of my life is, “Keep the main thing, the main thing”. A simple reminder that as long as you are locked in on your priorities, everything else will fall into place.