Multicultural Greek Council

Hello everyone! My name is Ky Wong (she/her/hers) and I am currently a junior studying Public Relations at Washington State University. I am from Vancouver, Washington. I am a self proclaimed a lover of arts, a writer, and a musician! I enjoy to traveling, exploring the world, and nature! I hope to incite change in the world and to make a positive impact whilst inspiring others to think and to challenge them to see the world differently. 

My dream is to help change the world. I dream of a world filled with equality and equal opportunities. I dream to improve conditions for third world countries such as elimination of world hunger and poverty, better healthcare and education systems, clean water, and so much more. I dream to help others, to be able to give them the privilege to dream. 

My life purpose is to create art that represents me and my self expression that ultimately gives the world a different and unique perspective through the lens of me, my beliefs and messages, to spread love and light through that. It is to give back to those at a disadvantage, to give and to continue to give back to those in need.