Multicultural Greek Council

Joining a Multicultural Greek Organization Parent Guide

About Multicultural Greek Recruitment Week
Throughout the week, your student has the opportunity to learn about each of the 16 Multicultural Fraternities and Sororities we have here on campus. Chapters will attend events and learn what it means to be apart of the WSU Greek Community and the student body at large.
A Note from the VP of Recruitment
Hello! My name is Ky Wong, and I am the Vice President of Recruitment for the Multicultural Greek Council! We know that Greek Life is a very unique thing here at WSU and we are so excited to have your student join our community. The ultimate goals of our recruitment events are for your student to find a Multicultural Fraternity or Sorority that encompasses similar values as them, as well as finding members who push your student to be the best they can be. Our processes are designed to allow your student to find the best fit for them. Although recruitment may be nerve-wracking, please note that we are here as a community for your student regardless of whether or not they decide to proceed on. Ultimately, we are all cougs and cougs help cougs! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for any questions regarding recruitment or otherwise. GO COUGS! 
What is intake?
Intake is our recruitment process, which is very informal. It is up to your student to find what organization best fits their interests, values, and ideals. Each organization has a recruitment week where PNMs have an opportunity to learn about the organization. At the end of the week, there is an informational that explains the process to join the organization. If the student meets the requirements, the student can fill out an application, be interviewed and finally will be selected for membership. Each organization differs on the process and most organization remain private, meaning no one knows that your student was selected for membership. At the end of the 512 week process, your student is a new member
How much does it cost to join a Multicultural Greek Organization?
Costs vary from chapter to chapter. Costs can consist of maintenance, event and programming fees, along with membership fees determined by chapters. The average cost for New Member Fees for Multicultural Greek Organizations is $250.00. The semester dues average cost is $250.00.
What is a class/line?
A line is a group of new members in an organization that start the new member education process together.
Will my student's academics be affected?
All of our organizations are academically oriented and prioritizes academics first. We have extensive academic plans to work with individual members on improving their academics, including study tables, academic incentives and interventions. Our new member GPA is 3.00, above the first year GPA of 2.80. Our students persist at WSU at a higher rate than nonaffiliated students and also graduate WSU at high levels. Membership in Multicultural Greek Organizations also leads to greater involvement on campus and feeling connected to one’s ethnic background.
Contact Us
Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life
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MGC VP of Recruitment:
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